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Welcome to the DRIVE IN DRIVING SCHOOL LTD, where numerous confident drivers have graduated in Metro Vancouver. At the DRIVE IN DRIVING SCHOOL LTD, we offer driving courses  designed to prepare a candidate for the driving test. Through individualized instruction you will learn the rules of the road thus greatly improving your chances of successfully passing the test.

It is important to offer new drivers the best driving instructions and teachers who provide quality driver training services. This ensures that our instructors are always on top of what is new and changing in the world of driving.

Canada's fastest growing driving school

DRIVE IN DRIVING SCHOOL LTD is located in Burnaby,Vancouver.

Drive In Driving School Ltd is committed to providing high quality service at the most competitive rates.
Our practical in-vehicle lessons are always on a one-to-one student-to-instructor ratio so each student receives the important attention required.
The courses offered are, to the best of our ability, scheduled based on the students’ availability and can be catered to each student’s individual needs, e.g. more highway and hills training VS city driving training.

Drive In driver training doesn’t simply ensure you can pass the road test, but prepares you for a successful, long-term career on the road.

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