School Policy

Single Driving Lesson Rates

$60 for 1 hour (60 minutes) 60 minute driving lesson has a minimal of 55 minutes practice time.
$ 90 for 1.5 hours (90 minutes) 90 minute driving lesson has a minimal of 85 minutes practice time.
$ 180 for 2 hrs lesson incl. Pre-trip sessions for class 4 license has a minimal of 115 minutes practical
time.This include free pick up and drop off.
5% GST will be charged extra.
*All Pacakages are valid for 1 year only from the day of purchase.

Car Rental for Road Test

$ 160 for car rental and includes student pick up/drop off and 45 minute warm up session.
*A non refundable $60 for booking the school car in advance for the road test. Balance to be paid
on day of the road test.*
** If the client requesting a car rental is not a student of (Drive In Driving School Ltd.) a minimal one
hour driving skills assessment will be required. This will be charged at our regular hourly rate. **
*All fees MUST be paid in full prior to commencement of the lesson.*
*All students MUST carry their valid driver’s license during all in-car driving lessons.*

Additional Passengers

Now with COVID-19 restrictions, we no longer allow additional persons in the vehicle during the
lesson. All lessons are one on one.

Refund Policy

There will be no refund for lessons/packages that have already taken place.


Lessons must be cancelled at least twelve (12) hours in advance to avoid a $50 charge. Cancelations
must be done by e-mail, phone or text.
If the student does not show for a lesson they will be charged for that lesson.

NOTE: For cancelling a road test appointment made bythe school, we require 72
hours notice, as we must notify ICBC. Failure to giveDrive InDriving School Ltd.72
hours notice may result in a late cancellation fee being charged by ICBC.

**Driving test results will vary with each student; the school cannot guarantee all students will pass
their driving test and obtain their driver’s license in one go. **
** If the student is late, the lesson will commence at the time the lesson was scheduled; no extra
time will be added. **
** If the instructor is late, the lesson will commence at the time the student meets the instructor;
the full lesson will be provided or the missing time will be added to a future lesson. **